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Dental Health Foundation

Who administers the program?

Volunteer dentists and the Dental Society administer the program.  This keeps the overhead very low and allows contributed funds to reach needy clients with minimal dilution.

There are five board members, who are all participating dentists.  All dentists in the program are members of the Mid-Peninsula Dental Society, the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

What is the Mid-Peninsula Dental Health Foundation?

​Since 1968, the Mid-Peninsula Dental Health Foundation has provided dental services for disadvantaged members of our community, who have neither dental insurance nor welfare support.  It is a unique program that combines reduced cost services and monetary funding form member dentists and others in the community.

Who does this program serve and what services are provided?

The Dental Health Foundation serves low income individuals, including those from single parent homes, seniors living entirely on social security, immigrants and students.  The Foundation serves East Palo Alto, East Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos and Mountain View.

Applicants are screened by volunteer community service organizations.  Those who qualify are referred to private dental offices.  In addition, all patients receive preventive education and appropriate treatment.  All age groups are eligible for emergency care to relieve pain and infection.

The foundation Board of Directors establishes the treatment guidelines and limitations.  Volunteer dentists review all requested services to ensure that Foundation guidelines are followed.

Are patients required to pay for services?

Adults are required to pay 50% of the Foundation fee schedule for services and are given mainstream care in a private setting.  Children to the age of 18 have a $10 co-pay.

These fees are much lower than the customary charges.

Patient Information

The Mid-Peninsula Dental Health Foundation was established to assist low income families and individuals in obtaining affordable dental health care.

Treatment Limitations

The Foundation provides routine restorative dental care and limited removable prosthetic treatment.  Foundation funds are limited so the following limitations are necessary.  Root Canal therapy is limited to certain circumstances; removable prosthetic devices are limited to once every 5 years; only Stainless Steel or Acrylic (cold cure) crowns are available.  Cleanings and fluoride treatments are limited to one per calendar year.  Orthodontic treatment and fixed prosthetic devices are not available.


Call the doctors office to make an initial appointment.  This appointment is usually for the doctor to make a diagnosis of any treatment that may be necessary.  A second appointment may be necessary to complete the restorative treatment due to pre-authorization requirements.  Be on time for your appointment!  If you are unable to keep your appointment notify the doctor's office. FAILURE TO NOTIFY THE DOCTORS OFFICE MAY RENDER YOU INELIGIBLE FOR FOUNDATION ASSISTANCE.

Co-Payments/Maximum Limitations

Children-$10.00 Co-Pay/$1500.00 is maximum limit

Adults/Seniors-50% Co-Pay of treatment costs/$1500.00 max
All co-payments are payable at the time treatment is performed. Maximum limits are per calendar year from May 1st - April 30th.

If you wish to utilize the Foundation for further treatment please contact either the:
Mt. View Community Services (650) 968-0836 or
Avenidas Senior Center, Emily at (650) 289-5433
Re-screening will be necessary before Foundation benefits can be utilized.

If you have any questions concerning the Foundation, please contact one of our screening agencies or the Foundation Office at (650) 328-2242.