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History of the Society

The Mid-Peninsula area became a potential dental society entity after World War II as the dentists practicing in the area increased in number. The concept of a Mid-Peninsula Dental Society was conceived at the Tuesday luncheons of a small group of local dentists. These men had the vision and courage to recognize a mutual professional need for such a society which would include dentists in Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Los Altos. California Dental Association President, William S. Smith, officially presented the charter January 19, 1956.

Frederick C. Hadeler was installed as President, Alan R. Cass as President-Elect, James R. Cross, Treasurer; John S. Ledgerwood, Editor; E. Pearl Hannah, Librarian-Historian; Carl H Ellertson, Jr. and Joseph B. Weeden as Directors.

The boundary on the west was Skyline Boulevard and on the east San Francisco Bay. Several years later, Mountain View voted to join the Mid-Peninsula Dental Society, making a total of four cities. The society is unique in its geographical limits; it is the only bi-county society in the California Dental Association. Since the official presentation of the charter, the society has grown in size, influence, and prestige and has participated in many worthwhile civic projects. On June 19, 1956 a successful community dental society project provided the people of Palo Alto with protection from dental caries by fluoridation of its water supply.

In 1957 under Seminar and Study Club Chairman, Shirl S. Fox, the society held its first annual Dental Seminar at Adobe Creek Lodge, Los Altos. Since that time highly successful yearly seminars have been held. The seventh Annual Seminar was presented at Palo Alto Hills Country Club in September, 1963 under the Chairmanship of Gorden Kretchmar. These events are attended each year by many members from neighboring societies; a testimonial to the quality and worth of these affairs. After eight years of existence, the society consisted of 188 dentists. Today, the membership consists of 274 members and the society serves the cities of Atherton, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View and Palo Alto.

Mid-Peninsula Dental Society Presidents

1956 Fred C. Hadeler1990 Ronald Gordon
1957 Alan R. Cass1991 Robert Byers
1958 James Cross1992 Gary Eggers
1959 Carls H. Ellertson, Jr.1993 Bert Rouleau
1960 B.O.A. Thomas1994 Kevin Sawyer
1961 Alfred R. Bothell1995 Terry Fiori
1962 Robert Lewis1996 Brian Scott
1963 Norman McFate1998 Steve Larson
1964 Blaine Clements1999 Joseph Krauss
1965 Thomas Booth2000 William Palank
1966 Donald Zimmerman2001 James Stephens
1967 Philip Armi2002 Neil Ross
1968 Douglas Morrison2003 Elizabeth Doi
1969 Robert Lundquist2004 Sandra Arita
1970 Guy Cochran2005 Kingston Shih
1971 Melvyn Johnsen2007 Tim Miller
1973 Benjamin Farnum2008 Brian Mills
1974 Duane Kalar2009 Mehran Fotovatjah
1975 James Cunningham2010 Greg Armi
1976 Ernest Webb2011 Eric Chu
1977 Alvin Janklow2012 Indira Sahiwal
1978 Herbert Mankin2013 Fella Benyammi
1979 Robert McWilliams2014 Leland Panec
1980 Irl Seifer2015 Ken Schweifler
1981 Thomas Schafer2016 Reza Riahi
1982 Bruce Fogel2017 Joyce Cheng
1983 Ken Kato
2018 Christopher Joy
1984 Robert Turner2019 Aaron Rouleau
1985 Michael Brugos2020 Jenny Yoo
1986 Lana Sundahl2021 Merna Tajaddod
1987 Stanley Lent2022 Stan Bjelajac
1988 Richard Durando2023 Marlana Shile
1989 Timothy Leary2024 Ray Mohammed