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Board of Directors

The Mid-Peninsula Dental Society is governed by its Board of Directors:

2017 Officers

President: Joyce Cheng, DDS
President-Elect: Christopher Joy, DMD
Vice-President: Aaron Rouleau, DDS
Treasurer/Secretary: Editor: Jenny Yoo, DMD
Editor: Merna Tajaddod, DMD
Associate Editor: Jennifer Lehnhardt, DDS
CDA Trustee: Lee Panec, DDS
Past President: Reza Riahi, DDS


Menlo Park/Atherton: Stan Bjelajac, DDS
Palo Alto: Helen Trinh, DDS
Mountain View: Ray Mohammed, DDS
Los Altos: Malana Shile, DDS

2017 Board Meetings:

Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto

January 12th
March 28th/April 4th
May 2nd
September 12th
October 24th